Playa Flamingo at Playa Blanca: Lanzarote’s Safe Beach Cove With A Scenic View

Is Playa Flamingo at Playa Blanca in Lanzarote the beach for you and your family? What makes it safe and how beautiful is the scenery down there? Here are the facts we gathered from the shared experiences of Playa Flamingo visitors.

Located at the southernmost tip of Spain’s Lanzarote Island, Playa Blanca or ‘white beach’ has three petite coves. Playa Flamingo is a western cove on Playa Blanca. The two other coves are Playa Dorada to the east and (also called) Playa Blanca at the centre.

Playa Flamingo is undoubtedly the charming, little (but never too crowded) beach cove that’s perfect for young families with small children. It’s said to be the safest beach on Lanzarote. Stone jetties shield it from the open ocean, keeping its water calm. However, there’s more to this haven nestled at the southmost tip of Lanzarote. Otherwise, why do couples, even the older ones, keep coming back to Playa Flamingo year after year?

#1 Sea walls (and lifeguards) keep the beach serene, safe

Perhaps you’ve heard that there is very little chance of rain here. And just in case, it gets windy, the sea walls keep the water tame enough for swimming. They also have permanent lifeguards. If you’re concerned about safety, especially that of children’s, this is the beach for you. If you’re looking for a peaceful sea to learn to paddle, this is it too. 

Water is shallow. It’s cool in the morning and gets warmer towards the afternoon. The sand is golden and powdery soft, it’s softest and sandiest here compared to other parts of Playa Blanca. Take a little caution though because the water tends to get deep quickly. Also, at high tide, there isn’t much of the beach left. Other than that, there’s no reason not to enjoy this great beach.

Tip: Up for some night paddling? Check out all the fish that come out when it’s already dark.

#2 Crystal clear and snorkeling-worthy water

With water as clean and clear as Playa Flamingo’s, you can see fish swimming near the water’s edge, or swimming around you, or around your paddle board while you’re paddling. (Yay! It’s definitely okay to get excited about that.) If you want more fish encounters, though, go full throttle – try snorkeling and get mesmerised by the colorful world below. 

Tip: Do take some bread and feed the small fish. The little fish would bite their fingers, which is fun.

#3 Well-kept beach with plenty of space and sunbeds

Playa Flamingo can get a bit busy at times, despite which there is always plenty of space. Moreover, it is well kept and always clean. There are also sunbeds and parasols for rent at:

  • € 12 for 2 sunbeds + 1 parasol, good for a whole day (until 5pm)
  • € 8 for 1 parasol + 1 sunbed, good for a whole day

(Prices may have changed after the time this post was written.)

Tip: Come early to make the most of the whole day rental of parasols and sunbeds, or simply bring towels to spread on the sand. The sand is soft.

#4 A place to sit back and drink in a breathtaking view

As one traveller wrote, “It was pure paradise to enjoy a drink overlooking the stunning views…” of Playa Flamingo. What better way to wind down after a long day with energetic kids!

Whether it’s over a drink, over dinner, or over a laid back breakfast with family, there are several restaurants and cafes just behind the beach, on the promenade, for you to enjoy the scenery on this side of Lanzarote. Further up from the shore, there are also places that overlook this picturesque horse shoe beach. Lean back, listen to the waves and breathe in an overdose of nature and the sea.

Tip: We know it’s beautiful throughout the day but if you can, wait for the sunset. Take a couple of photos, they should be stunning, and an extremely appropriate island souvenir.

#5 Everything you need is close by except…

So yes, there are half a dozen restaurants, including family places, not just bars. There are at least two supermarkets, and according to some travellers, an ice cream van with ice cream that’s ‘to die for.’ (Hopefully it never leaves.) The only thing they don’t have at Playa Blanca are showers and facilities for the swimmers, save for a toilet at a nearby drink hut. Don’t fret, though, staff from nearby restaurants are happy to let guests use their facilities.

Tip: If you’re not booked in a nearby villa, be prepared to wait until you get back to your accommodations before you could take a shower.  

#6 Nearby accommodations for every budget and taste

Would you prefer to take a 10-minute walk from the beach to a resort hotel room or would you love a spacious villa a short vehicle ride away?

There are several accommodations near Playa Flamingo, including hotels, resorts with pools, and self-catering villas. Resorts in Timanfaya, for example, may be 200 meters away only. Trying out two different accommodation types might be an interesting option if you plan to have a lengthy stay.

Other tips:

  • Playa Flamingo is a popular diving spot. If you’re not a diver, check out lessons being offered to first timers.
  • Playa Flamingo is a good ten-minute leisure walk along a beautiful promenade from the centre of Playa Blanca. It’s especially close to Timanfaya.
  • There is a safe parking area on the road behind the beach with a 100-meter inclined descent to the beach. (This may prove a challenge for those with mobility problems.)
  • Also, there are lots of rock pools to explore for children at either end of the beach.

There are many other beaches near Playa Flamingo on Playa Blanca or other parts of Lanzarote. The wide level promenade makes it easy and entertaining to walk along the coast to get to the other parts of Playa Blanca. Explore them too when you have time.

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