Playa de Los Pocillos at Puerto del Carmen Lanzarote

On the eastern edge of Puerto del Carmen is the quaint and quiet beach called Playa de Los Pocillos, the perfect place to unwind and find tranquillity.

If you’ve heard, Puerto del Carmen is the place to go for nonstop entertainment, with its lively streets and buzzing nightlife. However, its eastern side has a neighbourhood with a more relaxed vibe. This is where you find Playa de Los Pocillos, a long, curving beach with fine, dark sand, perfect for travellers who love serene walks along windy coasts.

On top of all this, since Los Pocillos beach is also right along Puerto del Carmen’s famous Avenida de las Playas (The Strip), convenience is never a problem here with easy access to nearby restaurants, shops, and transport. 

A long and elegant beach

“…our favourite walk…” (Trip Adviser review)

You can sink your feet in its fine sand, get captivated by the beautiful scenery, and literally get blown away by an almost steady Atlantic breeze at Playa de Los Pocillos. The view becomes enigmatic after sunset as dark sets in and the volcanic rock formations scattered on some parts of the beach become mountainous silhouettes beautifully lit by a sinking sun. Then you can linger a little longer and gaze at the night sky while listening to the waves.

One wonderful thing about this beach is that it never gets too crowded. If you like reclining on a sunbed, two beds with a parasol would cost you at least €12. The water at Playa de Los Pocillos is also said to be calm and shallow making it wonderful for families with small children. The beach is well-kept, clean, and has several shops and food establishments readily accessible along Avenida de las Playas, where it runs parallel to.

Great wind for flying kites and windsurfing

Since the wind is pretty awesome here, it’s a great place to do some windsurfing and kite flying. The spacious and not-too-crowded shoreline is also perfect for playing beach games.

A level walkway along the promenade

Puerto del Carmen has a promenade with a bike path that stretches approximately six kilometres. It starts from the end of the runway at Matagorda through the length of Playa de Los Pocillos until it reaches Playa Grande. (A good length of it runs parallel with Avenida de las Playas.)

This promenade along Playa de Los Pocillos provides a path for joggers, bikers, families with baby strollers, and even persons with disability as the path on this part is fairly level. And since it runs along The Strip, you can find here shops, cafes, and other sources of entertainment.

A play area for kids

As you walk east to west along the promenade, you will pass by Centro Comercial Los Pocillos, and CC Costa Mar which is situated half way along Los Pocillos beach. If you go further west, you will find a wonderful tiled play area for kids with trampolines and bumper cars.

Entertainment at Los Pocillos

If you like karaoke or tribute bars for your evening entertainment, you’ll find several of these here. Most bars also have television sets so guests can watch football games or British soaps over dinner or a mug of beer. In general, it’s quieter at Los Pocillos than the rest of Puerto del Carmen. Nevertheless, if you want unlimited options, do go westward along Avenida de las Playas towards Los Jameos and Playa Grande where most of the pubs and entertainment are. Then you can always go back to your peaceful recluse at Playa Los Pocillos with its blue parasols and breathtaking golden coast.

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